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[sticky post] For Friends!

Hello there! This journal is for friends only.  Maybe there are some older posts I forgot to lock, but those don't count.  I generally friend people after I get to know them through one community or another.

Let's answer silly questions! Hooray!

For one of my final projects here in Japan we had to survey people on any topic we find interesting, as long as it's vaguely Japan-related. Then we have to make a graph and present our findings, in Japanese of course. Because I like to make things difficult, I chose a topic rather mor sensative then "How come Japanese homes don't have ovens?" or "How often do you eat out?".

The other problem I have with projects like these is that I don't know 15 people here who I cn ask questions. So now we get to ask the F-list! The questions are going to be in English, in case non-Japanese-speaking people here want to answer. But I did have a grand old time with my trusty Jennifer Robertson book and Jisho figuring out how to ask these questions in Japanese.

On to the questions!Collapse )

People on Twitter already heard my apologies for the dumbness of these questions. But I had to be able to ask them in Japanese and then talk about them in Japanese, so they couldn't be the kind of questions that would be asked in Simmons, sadly. Feel free to answer in English, or Japanese, or whatever.  As long as it's a language I can read.

Thank you! :)

Costume things ahoy!

My corset steels arrived today!  Of course, I can't do anything with them yet since my coutil has yet to arrive, but still.  I've spent the past couple of days working my Elisabeth bodice (no photos because the work hasn't been particularly exciting unless you really love basting), finishing a petticoat that I'd forgotten about until now, and starting my work dresses.  I ordered a ton of cool buttons for said dresses, and some new patterns because they were there and I couldn't help myself.

As you may have noticed if you read my Tumblr posts or tweets, The American Duchess is doing a pre-sale and a giveaway of some really cool 18th Century shoes.  I love her shoes and every time I look at them I think, "Well, I could get a pair and ear them as part of a Marguerite St. Just costume..."  Like I needed another project.  Especially another Takarazuka one.  And yes, this may not be the right time for these shoes, but they're still cool.

And everyone should go look at them and see how cool they are.


That was fun!  :D

First of all, sorry for flooding Twitter with stupid comments.  I was a tad excited about this livestream.  Also I was the only person to say anything in English in that channel, which is why I switched to Japanese (failingly?  I don't even know).  I wanted to record the press conference, but I didn't think of it in time and failed on that count.  I'm sure someone got it, though.

There was some talking, and Osa and Asa looked awfully bored for most of that.  They kept looking at each other, but not at the same time (Asa's eyes flick to Osa, who isn't paying attention, Osa's eyes flick to Asa as soon as she looks away).  Sort of awkward feeling all around.  They got it right eventually though, just in time to share a laugh.  And there was adorable all around!  And they got to talk about the 2002 Elisabeth, which was even more adorable to add to the mix.

Máté spoke a bit in Japanese.  I may not have been overly fond of his Death, but the man was so earnest and adorable up there.  He even tried to answer a question someone asked him in Japanese (though he had to stop and ask for help from his translator).  You can't hate someone like that.  Also, HI THERE BLONDE MAN.  After fielding some questions there was a song segment.  Máté sang 愛と死の輪舞, poor man.  Yes, it was very weird sounding, but again, he was trying so hard you had to like it despite that.

Osa then proceeded to sing 私だけに and be completely awesome.  Of course, I got an ad as soon as she started (fuck that ad, seriously), but it was short, at least, so I heard most of the song.  Like I said on Twitter, she got that last note without a hitch.  It was stunning.  And also a little weird.  When did you turn into a soprano?

Khaladie said she heard that last note even though I had headphones on, haha.  She was trying to do her Chinese homework while I kept interupting with such brilliant comments as, "Haha!  Oh, Máté, you silly, awkward man" and ",WJBFkhwvkHVCKHDscvOSA!"

And then it ended, and I was left with a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

And intense dispair that I can't see the show live after all.  C'mon, Toho!  Surprise me with a DVD!

Time to bust out the "baw" icon!

Hotel Stella Maris/Legend of the Revue and I Got Music arrived today!  There was much joy.

But first, some complaining:  The hall DVD player is in fact malfunctioning.  It played Stella Maris just fine, and then started skipping like mad the very moment the revue started.  I checked the disc, and it's in absolutely perfect condition (which makes sense, since it's brand new and all).  It plays without a hitch on my laptop, so ARGH.  But that's besides the point.

Stella Maris/Legend was picked solely because I love the revue to pieces.  It's my favorite revue.  I'd never seen Stella Maris before, so I went into it completely blind.  I was prepared to deal with a lot of bullshit, since it's a Zuka original and all, and they don't exactly have the greatest track record.  And actually, it's not half bad.  Let me summarize the plot for you:  "Uh.  Wait, what just happened?"  Yes, it does suffer from the writer's inablity to leave out even a single trope, so it doesn't make any real sense.  But let's face it: if I wanted something with a solid plot I wouldn't be watching Zuka in the first place.  Stella Maris has tons of songs, which is enough to please me.  I hate musicals that have almost no music.  There's plenty of dancing, and it's got tons of energy.  I love the whole "Plan B" sequence (and Izumo Aya busting out her Mozart).  I love the dancing, and everyone acting over-the-top and silly.

And Wao Youka and Hanafusa Mari are adorable, but I shouldn't even have to say that.  Mizu and Youka are super cute in their scenes together, too.  If they ever decide to do a "buddies on a roadtrip" movie they're all set.  Also I would watch that so hard.

All in all, Stella Maris is very enjoyable, if nothing completely amazing.

Legend of the Revue...  Where do I begin?  This revue is like someone found out how to extract the pure essence of Adorable from every cute thing to exist ever.  This extract is Adorable in it's purest state, and to touch it without protection is to explode from unadulterated squee overpowering your frail human body.

And then they made a revue out of it.

Everything about this revue is adorable.  Even the sad moment is adorable.  It's all so freakin' cute.  I can never stop smiling while this is playing, and that was when I had to watch my stolen aquired copy.  It's five million times better on DVD.  Like, I never noticed before, but Kushida's mustache is made of sparkles.  It's a glitterstache.  How awesome is that?  I want one.

Right, story.  Such as it is.  Legend of the Revue was done in honor of the 77th anniversary of Mon Paris, which I think still has the highest selling Takarazuka sountrack to date (though I could be wrong).  So it was made to hit fans right in the nostalgia bone.  Kushida, the main character of Mon Paris, is in it, he of the fabulous mustache.  Also there are star people and a revue within a revue.  The first big scene looks like someone crossed a bird of paradise and a peacock and then blew it up.  There is a lot of silliness (thanks to Mizu and Yamato Yuuga), adorableness (thanks to everyone, but especially Youka and Mari), happiness, and energy.  It's just so much fun I don't think I'm coherent anymore.

I think maybe I did other stuff today too, but I don't remember.


More of the same

I don't know, there's just something about Natsu that calls for photos taken of him with plants and flowers.  I also got some fantastic shots of the bees that were zooming all oover the lavendar plants.  I like bees.  Several of them examined me and Natsu when I first got out, and were probably saying to each other, in bee, "What the fuck is going on here?  What is this?"  Then they got bored and ignored me the rest of the time I was out there.

Photos.Collapse )

Right after I finished taking all the shots I wanted, the sky turned black and the wind picked up.  In fact, it blue a branch off of the neighbors tree, which took out some of their lawn furniture.  I went inside.  Now we're getting severe thunderstorm and flash flood watches.  Oh weather.  And you'd been doing so well up until now, too.  Where do you think this is, Florida?

Oh, and the clothes I ordered for Otavi arrived, but they definitely don't fit.  I'll try to sell them to someone and I'll try again.  Lati Blue clothes should fit him, but they don't have the type of pants I want for him.  Clothes made for DZ minis might work, so I'll try those next.  But not until I sell this outfit.


Not quite as done as I'd hoped.

I made Natsu's outfit, on the basis that if the current doll does stay Natsu (now extremely likely because I am a creature of habit) he should have his clothes, and even if he doesn't the outfit would be good to have. Besides, I've had that fabric hanging around since October, or something.

A couple of Chanukahs ago, my aunt gave me a book on Japanese clothing. It's mostly history, and it's really interesting. On one o the first pages, down in the corner where you could miss it, are instructions on how to make a kosode. I followed these directions as well as a could, which was not very well. I didn't get all the patterns to match up properly, and I messed up the collar a bit. It was still fun, though, and I managed to make the lining work. It's a bit big on Natsu (might as well start calling him that), but I can always try again.

He's supposed to have a haori. For some reason I decided that it absolutely had to be navy blue. I don't have any navy blue fabric. So it's just going to have to wait. Anyway, it would be awkward trying to put something on over the super huge kosode, so maybe it's just as well.

His not-Natsu eyes helpfully hidden by the blindfold he'd probably be wearing anyway.Collapse )

He needs the rest of his clothes.  He can't go barefoot forever.  But I am loving having him on this body.  He's almost as cuddly as Camui (he's not quite as floppy).


Packages make me happy.

Especially this kind.Collapse )
Anyway, I won't make any firm character choices yet, since that means ordering a new pair of eyes whatever I pick.  I suspect that, now that I've put the wig on him, he may be stuck as Natsu.  Any opinions on this?

I should go make him some clothes.  But first I'll finish my Internetting since I spent the entire morning waking up stupidly early and sitting outside with a book so that the mailman couldn't pretend he though I wasn't home and drive off without knocking.


More productive than yesterday, at least.

Well, I was supposed to meet my new boss today, but he canceled on me.  As I was walking out the door for the meeting.  Way to give me plenty of notice, sir.  I'm going to (supposedly) meet him at eleven tomorrow, which I am not looking forward to.

Fuck, even this post was giving me grief.  It wanted to look a certain way, and it wasn't the way I wanted it to look.  WTF, universe?

But here, have some repetitive dolly photos.Collapse )


Just as promised.

Very few, since I took most of my photos with the film camera.Collapse )

The meet was tons of fun, just like always.  Nevertheless, I will complain about the rain because that is what I do.